International Entrepreneurial-
Leadership Program

Expand Your Business in Canada and Trusted Gateway to Start Up Visa in North America

  • This program is for any individual who has a business idea or has a new product, service, or technology and wishes to establish a beachhead in North America and beyond; these two weeks.
  • A professional training program will help you learn how to establish your business in Canada, the United States, UAE
  • Expand & grow your business into the North American, UAE and United States markets,
  • You will complete activities that allow you to create and iterate on various aspects of a successful entrepreneurship & innovation strategies, including customer discovery, product-market fit, building minimum viable product, raising funding, time-to-revenue and go-to-market strategy.
  • Furthermore, the two weeks program will involve participants with international backgrounds to share their perspectives on excellent business and leadership practices.
  • Flexible online classes, small class sizes in downtown Toronto, Dubai, SaneJose
  • Connect to Experts in Industry in North America and Silicon Valley, UAE.
In today’s rapidly changing business world, companies must innovate or be left behind. Easier said than done, because even the most valuable new ideas are often met with resistance. Innovation leaders who understand this challenge and know how to evaluate, implement, and promote new ideas are in high demand—and you can be one of them. Our experientially driven program will give you the knowledge and skills to stay ahead.
Dr.Rafik Loutfy

Program Director

What I Expect from ELP Program

Expand Your Business in Canada

Step 1

Motivation for Entrepreneurship & Innovation Training

One emerging domains in the field of education & training around the world is entrepreneurship & Innovation training for business leaders. Entrepreneurial training imparts unique skills that help its receiver to see opportunities that other don’t and ability to marshal necessary resources to seize these opportunities that improve the quality of life for the communities, nation and the world. More than ever, MENA companies must promote entrepreneurship & innovation, as the engine for economic growth, among its members.

Step 2

Target audience: Who should attend the program?

  • Startup founders that wish to enter the North American market;
  • Companies’ executives that desire to expand their business in North American market.
  • Small and mid-size companies that aim to develop their employees top-talents
  • Successful family businesses that plan to foster sustainability for generations
Step 3

Key benefits: Profit from hands-on expertise

Participants will gain entrepreneurial business skills on how to successfully start their business in Canada by developing a deep understanding of the north American customers. The knowledge and skills gained from the program will help how to confidently face tough business scenarios involving significant risks – both business and professional. Furthermore, while they put their new skills into practice, participants will be supported through a post-program follow-up on how to gain residency in Canada.


Innovation & Entrepreneurship in North America, United States, UAE.

  • Innovation defined ‒from invention to innovation
  • Key drivers of the Innovation economy
  • Impact of innovation on the economy
  • Critical factors impeding innovation from happening and how to overcome them

Date: 2022 February

North America Culture & Infrastructure

  • NA Culture
  • NA innovation infrastructure [Financial, banking, trade, Human resource management]
  • Intellectual property management and protection rules in NA
  • Managing and working with people

Date: 2022 February

Startup Business Development

  • Design Thinking
  • Customer development model [customer discovery, validation and acquisition]
  • Minimum viable Product development and proof-of-concept
  • market testing
  • Achieving sales success in modern B2B and B2C markets

Date: 2022 March

Business Plan & Investor Pitch for Sustainable Business

  • Analyze the business models that drive innovative change
  • Analysis of sustained competitive advantage and how to drive business overcome competitor
  • Business strategy development
  • Business Plan development
  • Investor Pitch development

Date: 2022 March

Source of Investment

  • Understand the key financial levers that drive financial performance Evaluate cash flow versus profits and why is important for business  Discover the best formula for pitch.
  • Validate how capital markets work and how they affect start up
  • Implement a financial perspective that will give you the confidence to make better decisions to run Start up

Date: 2022 April

Go-To-Market & Time-to-Revenue

  • Marketing Collateral development
  • Prospecting customers/Clients
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Client proposal and negotiation
  • Financing go-to-market

Date: 2022 April

Legal Entities for Business Organization

  • Legal entities – Sole proprietor ships, Limited Partnership vs. Corporation
  • Shareholder agreements
  • Incorporation
  • Intellectual properties
  • Term sheet

Date: 2022 April

How to Apply

Admissions to Ignite Innovation Hub are highly selective and competitive. We have shaped our criteria based on our most successful innovators . In addition, we found that they display and articulate the following qualities: compassion, pursuit of excellence, are curious and dynamic, and strive to make an impact personally and professionally. Be ready to discuss about your accomplishments and how you have dealt with challenges when you apply.

The sooner you apply, the sooner you will receive a decision.

What’s included?

  • Scheduled Workshops & Events
  • Mentorship
  • 1:1 Advisory Support
  • Access to North America, UAE, Silicon Vally Investors

What’s not included?

  • Airfares & Hotel
  • Airport Transportation
  • Any other fees not mentioned in inclusions

Experts in Startup Visa

In addition to the core faculty and expert in Al and Block Chain participation, the ELP program has an Immigration, corporate law and Industry experts who can advise the international candidates in immigration and entrepreneurship matters one by one . The ELP Program is an unique program because international candidates not only can receive education in entrepreneurship, but also they can receive knowledge in processing their immigration with professional and recognized immigration experts.

Entrepreneurship Experts

The role of the business Expert is to provide invaluable advise for international candidates to establish their business in Canada. CSEI is proud to have a team of business mentor with diverse back ground to assist our international entrepreneurs.

Startup Visa

The role of the immigration expert is to guide and assist international entrepreneurs in their Visa and immigration process about their status in immigration. ELP is proud to have a diverse immigration experts  for Startup Visa with different background and different languages from Middle east to European Countries to assist our international Candidates