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Trainings and Resources

Expand Your Business in Canada

To become a highly successful Entrepreneurs and to be able to launch any new venture, the first requirement is to take in a massive amount of new information. Not only you should learn them, but also you must be able to put it into practice instantly, rigorously, and innovatively. In your way, there is an endless list of information such as business development and launch, marketing and sales, legal, accounting, human resources, fundraising, market analysis and development, Internet services, and so forth.

Experiential Learning

Learn with and from alongside other global entrepreneurs

Ignite Innovation Hub is pleased to offer the a combination of live sessions with Canadian expert instructors and guest speakers from North America, interactive workshops with Expert teaching team, coaching sessions and regular meetings with your global team, plus your individual and team work, we expect active engagement from all participants. This isn’t a typical online course. Build a venture with a global team in just 12 weeks.

Remote Global Collaboration

Learn to collaborate, Cooperate effectively online, across diverse cultures and time zones

In this Ignite Innovation Hub, you’ll gain knowledge how to collaborate and lead a global team remotely, learn from them as your build the foundations of a new venture together

Becoming our Team

Join our Global Community

Over the last five years, CSEI has selected and built a community of 2500+ change makers from 15+ countries. In addition to your teammates, expand your professional network beyond your own community and receive continued access to global community network. We hope to meet you at an annual Talent to Talent Conference 2020.

International Business Expansion


Stage 1: Incubation (Concept & Idea)

  • Customer Discovery
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Model

Stage 2: Development

  • Product Design
  • User Research
  • Go to Market Plan/Marketing & Operation Strategy
  • Financial Strategy
  • Sale/Marketing

Stage 3: Grow & Establishment

  • Prototype
  • Financial Plan
  • Proof of Concept
  • Business Plan

Stage 4: Go to Market

  • Minimum Viable Product
  • User Test/Validation
  • Marketing and Communication Management

Stage 5: Scale-Up

  • Product Scale-Up
  • Branding Fundamental and Drivers
  • Influencer Marketing and Co-Branding Strategy
  • Fund Raising

Stage 6: Expansion

  • International Market Entry
  • International Trade Finance
  • International Branding Strategy
  • Legal Aspects of International Trade


Resources and Funding

Access to Government Grant, Access to Investors

Professional Global Network

Business expansion, Teach start up, Training and hiring talent. Access to 200+ global mentors and more than 20+ free & Discount services for entrepreneurs.

One by One Strategic Advising

International Business Expansion